Forefront of Innovation - Iwatani

Iwatani Corporate of America (ICA) is a subsidiary of the multinational IWATANI Corporation, which was founded in Osaka, Japan in 1930


With a rich history of innovative breakthroughs and quality service spanning over 90 years, ICA operates in multiple locations throughout the United States. A diverse range of products and services, including Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), cooking products, industrial gases, machinery, ceramics, electronics, plastics, chemicals, metals, and agri-bio to customers in a variety of industries is offered. Guided by a Make a Difference philosophy, IWATANI has become a global corporation with 11,000+ employees and presence in 250+ companies worldwide.

IWATANI, with its incredible history leading the way, the continuous press forward to explore new possibilities in energy, machinery and specialty gases for a brighter future is always at the forefront.

Recognized for excellence, IWATANI holds the top position in the LP Gas, Hydrogen, and Helium markets in Japan. With complete dedication to innovation and sustainability, this focus drives the exploration of new applications for gases sourced from the earth. This determined focus for cutting-edge solutions to meet customer needs is also backed with a strong emphasis on adaptability.

IWATANI is committed to decarbonization and sustainability, investing in renewable energy sources to promote a cleaner, healthier environment. With everyday goals of building lasting relationships with customers, this leads the pursuit of always striving to create a positive impact for the future.